IoT Detection Service For FortiGate-60E (1 Year) IoT Detection Service

IoT Detection Service For FortiGate-60E (1 Year)

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Internet of Things (IoT) detection is a subscription service that allows FortiGate to detect unknown devices in FortiGuard that are not detected by the local Device Database (CIDB). When the service is activated, FortiGate can send device information to the FortiGuard collection server. When a new device is detected, FortiGate queries the results from the FortiGuard query for more information about the device. .

The IoT detection service requires an IOTH contract, which is part of the Enterprise and 360 Protection bundle, or can be purchased on its own.

Download PDF datasheet for detailed product information
Hardware FortiGate-60E
Manufacture Fortinet
Subscription Type IoT Detection Service
Years 1