CyberPower PR3000RTXL2U Smart App Sinewave Smart App Online Series

CyberPower PR3000RTXL2U Smart App Sinewave

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The PR3000RTXL2U is a Smart App Sinewave rack/tower convertible UPS with line-interactive topology, surge protection, and battery backup. CyberPower's Smart App Sinewave series creates a sine wave output devoid of power gaps which could cause unexpected shutdowns of sensitive equipment. The Smart App Sinewave PR3000RTXL2U improves battery life through battery equalization technology and Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), which corrects minor power fluctuations without switching to battery power. The enhanced chassis design with an easy-to-access toolless front panel, captive screws for battery panel access, and color-coded rear panel make battery changes and installations simple and fast. The PR3000RTXL2U also has an innovative LCD panel that rotates 90