Analyzer Reporting Software for SuperMassive/E-Class/NSA 5650/5600/6600 NSA E8510

Analyzer Reporting Software for SuperMassive/E-Class/NSA 5650/5600/6600

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Analyzer is a web-based traffic analytics and reporting tool that is easy to use and provides real-time and historical insight into network health, performance and security. Analyzer supports SonicWall firewalls, backup and recovery products and secure remote access solutions. Organizations of all sizes benefit from enhanced employee productivity, optimized network bandwidth utilization and increased security awareness. SonicWall is the only firewall vendor that provides a complete solution by combining off-box application traffic analytics with granular data generated by SonicWall firewalls.
  • Comprehensive graphical reports enable visibility and analysis of threats and activities
  • Next-generation syslog reporting streamlines data summarization
  • Powerful insights into Secure Remote Access and Continuous Data Protection appliance health and behavior
  • Universal scheduled reports speed in-depth reporting
  • At-a-glance reporting facilitates quick analysis
  • Compliance reporting makes report generation easy
  • Multi-threat reporting provides instant information on threats and attacks
  • User-based reporting tracks activity across the entire network
  • Ubiquitous access simplifies reporting for any location
  • New attack intelligence enables granular reporting